“The Trending People’s Key” is a home and family blog that concerns to modern and quality family living. TTPK is made possible by its team members who have expertise in their specified industries. Our hardworking team puts a lot of effort in research and analysis to provide the best tips and suggestions about almost everything to our audience. 

Being Green is more than just buying 'eco'. It is an unshakable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle

Get Professional advice from industry experts to make your decisions super easy

Team of cooperative industry experts guiding you with personal experiences

Massive Research and Analysis is our first priority and that's what makes us the most trusted

Sustainability is the core of who we are

We do the tough and deep analysis to conclude if a product is really suitable for you and your family. We believe what’s good for business should also be good for the environment.

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Our team consists of industry professionals who work really hard to deliver the best tips, ideas and product buying guidance to our audience. We’re affiliated with Amazon.com which means if you consider buying any product from affiliate links on our website we will receive a small commission from Amazon without causing any increase in the actual price of the product. That’s how we support our team.

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