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Welcome to THE TRENDING PK, your trusted guide for everything that concerns to modern and quality family living. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of expert opinions and analysis on things to make your life thrive, We focus on in depth research and inspection about anything that adds up to a fine family life. Our articles and product reviews are written by industry experts and backed up by in depth investigation and exploration to aid our audience the best way. We go beyond general concurrence and easily-found product specs to give you the most prime details in order to help you and your family prosper.

Our Background


THE TRENDING PK was established in 2018 by Fredrica Bryant, we have come a long way from nothing to more than 700,000 satisfied and loving visitors each month . When TTPK’s founder Fredrica Bryant first started out, her passion for blogging about family living, parenting and healthcare made her quit her day job. This is when she started massive research so that THE TRENDING PK could offer the perfect guide for up to date and modern family lifestyle, parenting and healthcare products with concurrence of the experts.

We render service to our audience all over the US and UK. We’re delighted to turn our passion into our own family blog.

Our Expertise


We all have distinct phases of life, that makes it understandable that what worked well for one may not work for the other. A lot of parents split up their lives into “before kids” and “after kids.” The identical condition is true for any event i,e marriage, career, studies etc. Doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, we’ve been in the same boat, and we’re always here as a helping hand for you to make the best choices in your life. We’ve also traveled around the world and analysed a lot of stuff, experienced different cultures, and have come with some great objectives.

Our Passion and Consistency is the core of who we are. From wholesome materials to convenient manufacturing, we integrate practicability into all our reviews. We do the tough and deep analysis to conclude if a product is really suitable for you and your family. We believe what’s good for business should also be good for the environment.

Founders of TTPK

Our Writers

Augustina Coleman

Augustina is a Public Health and Safety Graduate, from University of California, Berkely. She started working as a registered dietitian. She is 31 years old and currently lives in LA with her husband and twin toddlers. She is really passionate about helping others and solving problems and it reflects in the ideas that she brings to the table.

Brianna Reed (Writer)
Brianna Reed

Brianna Reed is a 25 years old culinary expert. She got a degree in culinary arts from Business and Hotel Management School in Lucerne, Switzerland. After completing her degree, she moved to the US with the dream to own her own restaurant one day. Brianna currently writes for us and spends most of her time in her house listening to jazz music and enjoying with her cat.

Leona Cooper

Leona Cooper is a graduate with a Nursing and Healthcare degree. She is currently 44 years old and a registered nurse. A mother of three beautiful kids, Leona has all the experience of life before and after becoming a mother. Besides her nursing degree, she is also a parenting and home expert.

Keith K. Hansen

Keith is a Professional Fitness Trainer with 4+ years of health and fitness experience across multiple fitness centers. Possesses proven track record in helping clients achieve fitness goals through customized exercise programs, diet plans. Keith is a Kinesiology graduate and a fitness equipment expert who also loves gaming and writing on different topics.

Walter O'Hara

Walter is a Professional Dog Trainer with more than 6 years of experience working in different animal shelters around the city. He is always working hard to meet his clients’ expectations that round out his passion alongside. Walter is lifelong dedicated to provide the best accessories guide and animal care possible.

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If you have any suggestions to help and improve THE TRENDING PK, or if you want to know more about us, Kindly Let us know. Email us at [email protected] OR Fill out the contact-us form here to send your queries. We will happily take any suggestion under consideration and provide you the information you need.

How We're Supported?

How We're Supported

THE TRENDING PK is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program that is designed to provide a mean for us to earn fees by linking to We include Amazon links to many of the products we feature on our site. If you click on one of those links and make a purchase on Amazon, we receive a small percentage of commission without any increase in the original price of the product. You can read more about The Amazon Affiliate Program here. We also participate in Google Adsense Program to display related ads. Learn more about our Privacy Policy here

This is how we’re able to support the work we do on THE TRENDING PK and pay our honorable expert writers in order to bring family news, latest tips and ideas and product buying guide for our audience. That’s how we remain a free and unbiased resource for our visitors. Whether or not you visit through our blog, we will always be providing free access to the services on THE TRENDING PK for our dear audience.

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