Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories

All Conspiracy Theories About Coronavirus – What people have been saying about the Covid-19 Pandemic?

As you all know and some might have experienced themselves that the latest Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) has caught up the whole world. Worldwide economies are crumbling down and millions of people around the globe are becoming jobless every other day. The crisis has given birth to some logical as well as illogical conspiracy theories about the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19). No virus ever has found to be of such contagiousness in history. Thousands of people are dying everyday and thousands are recovering as well. No vaccine has been discovered by the medical research departments and there is no specific prediction of time when the vaccines or medicines will be available to fight the Covid-19. Governments have asked public to take self quarantine and other precautionary measures to prevent this virus from spreading. According to scientists research, only those have chances to survive who have strong immunity or either they don’t have a medical history.

All Conspiracy Theories About The Covid-19

No one yet knows when the global pandemic of the novel Coronavirus will come to an end. Though people have started creating conspiracy theories about Covid-19. We have tried to compile almost all conspiracies about the Covid-19 so you can have a look on them. Some of these conspiracies seem to make sense and some of them are obviously non-sense and baseless. You can have a look and decide what conspiracy theory about the Coronavirus makes sense or could be true. Do comment your opinions in the comments box below. We have listed some important gears to prevent you and your family members from the contagious disease and enjoy the self isolation time with them. Do check this article and assure safety for you and your family.

Covid-19 Conspiracy Theory no. 1

The latest 5G technology was first discovered by China a few time ago. The USA and the UK started to install those 5G towers so people can experience advanced and speedy connectivity. But some people started claiming that these 5G towers are planted to emit the Coronavirus germs so they can infect people in the name of technology. The reason behind this is to depopulate humans due to overpopulation crisis. The vaccine and cure of coronavirus is known by the governments but they’re hiding it from the public until a suitable amount of people have died with this infection emitted by the 5G towers.

From our point of view, this conspiracy theory makes no sense but some believers thought of it to be true and started destroying the 5G towers in the United States and United Kingdom as well. Some even destroyed the old 4G towers mistakenly that had a pretty bad impact overall. What do you guys think about this theory let us know.

Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory No. 2

Not the Americans obviously, but folks around the world felt like the Coronavirus germs were originated by the USA itself and planted into China intentionally so that China’s growing economy could be seriously affected. For sometime it seemed to be to be true. But later, USA crossed the total number of Coronavirus patients than China. Currently their are more than 700,000 infected patients in the US while China has controlled the infection and only around 1000 active cases are present in China. All other cases have been either recovered or got deceased. Now the things have backfired. People who were accusing US for planting this virus in China are now accusing China for planting this virus in the US as a biological weapon. It kind of seems to be true because no other country in the world except China has succeeded to control the spread of the Covid -19 while China already knew what to do and when to do it. China locked down the Wuhan city from where the virus is said to be spread. But China has the most recovered patients recorded around the world. More than 78,000 people infected with coronavirus in China have recovered that gives a sign of China already having the vaccine or cure for Coronavirus. The ones who died of it in China were 3 to 4 thousands quantitatively and were either old or already medical patients.

This covid-19 conspiracy theory makes some sense but no one has any evidence about that. The US President Mr. Donald Trump has accused China for hiding the Total number of deaths in the country. This argument is also supported by some weak evidences but the truth about the origin of the virus is still unknown and undiscovered.

Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory No. 3

Some folks say that the virus was developed by China for avenging the US about ban on Chinese companies that’s why China already had the cure while thousands of patients are left dying in the US. Some say that the virus was originated in the USA to stop China in the race of achieving the first 5G technology so that Chinese economy could be crumbled but the plan backfired to the US.

This theory also makes sense but only supports the US because if US had created the virus for destroying Chinese economy, why would it be backfired to US itself. Even if the plan backfired, the US would still have a vaccine present to cure Americans in such case. Let us know what do you think about that.

Covid-19 Conspiracy Theory No. 4

Some people are also saying the the Covid-19 is just a propaganda by the Worldwide Governments collectively to depopulate the world. The governments have the cure made already but it will be hidden from the public until a suitable amount of people have died from the coronavirus.

This one also makes sense but if that was the case why would the UK Prime Minister would be infected by Covid-19? Why would Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s wife would be infected by it? But maybe this could have been plotted by the governments themselves to make it seem natural.

Covid-19 Conspiracy Theory No. 5

At the time the virus cases first appeared in China, people worldwide and Chinese government claimed themselves that this virus was originated naturally in a Sea food market located in Wuhan. Some say that the virus spread from Bats while some say it transferred from Snakes. Eating bats, insects, reptiles and other things is part of Chinese culture so the virus could have been spread by the sea food market through people eating bats or snakes. Research also shows that bats do carry 6 different kinds of viruses that are highly contagious.

But some people refused this theory and said if the virus was to be spread from such animals it could have happened a very long time ago. Because eating these animals is not new in Chinese culture. They have been doing this since a pretty long time and no such contagious diseases have spread. What you guys think about this one let us know.

Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory No. 6

Climate change is one of the most discussed and for some, the most ignored topic. Some folks donot have any idea about how the climate change crisis could affect us. The results of climate change could be a lot worse than the results of coronavirus infection. Overpopulation of human beings and consumption of more and more resources is the biggest cause of climate change, and in order to prevent the world from climate change effects, the governments all around the world have created a biological weapon to depopulate human beings so the crisis of climate change could be avoided. Maybe the governments have the cure for the coronavirus but they won’t reveal it till they reach their desired goal.

This also seems to be legit conspiracy theories from some point of views. Comment below what do you think.

Covid-19 Conspiracy Theory No. 7

A large number of people also believe that the coronavirus is a test for humanity by the God. Religious groups all around the world are claiming that the end of the world is near. Muslims, Hindus, Christians and other religious groups holy places have been sealed since it could be a serious origin for the virus to spread. Some extremist groups believe that the virus won’t spread in these Holy places and if it does, it won’t take away their lives, and even if it takes away their lives they are ready to die in the name of God. Some people find this extremist religious behavior stupid while some think it makes sense.

The coronavirus pandemic has arose a question to all religions in the world. Most are worried about their beliefs. If the virus is spreading even at the Holy places what else is left. Let us know what do you think.

Stay safe with your family in your home in this pandemic. We have listed some important products to prevent the Covid-19 virus that might be very useful in these harsh times. Make sure to check out our Coronavirus Prevention Products Kit Article to keep you and your family safe.

  • Practice Self Quarantine.
  • Try avoiding going out of your home.
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds.
  • Avoid having any physical contact with any of your family members.
  • Cover your face while sneezing or coughing.
  • Use a face mask.
  • Use hand sanitizers frequently
  • Coming back to home make sure not to touch your face, nose, mouth, eyes before washing your hands properly.
  • In case you experience symptoms, immediately contact your doctor or health care department.

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