Protection Gear Against Covid-19

The Top 5 MUST HAVE Gears in The Covid-19 Global Pandemic

The Novel Coronavirus has infected about 800,000 Americans living in the US right now. More than 2.5 million have been infected globally till now. Each day thousands more are getting infected due to several different reasons. This is because of ignorance, lack of resources and other reasons. Millions of people have gone jobless due to this pandemic and its not stopping. If you want to read out our article on Conspiracy Theories about the Covid-19 Click Here.

No one knows when the vaccine or a curing drug for this virus would be available. Scientists and researchers are still working on it. Till that, we are advised to take proper precautionary measures to keep us and our family safe from this highly contagious disease. In order to make your prevention strong against the novel coronavirus our experts have listed some products that we advise you to buy before they are gone, so that you and your loved ones can stay safe. Inventories are lacking production so make sure to get this gear for you and your family.

Dustproof Respiratory Face Mask

Dustproof Respiratory Face Mask

You might all have known that no surgical or other cotton masks could protect the virus or bacteria from entering your respiratory tract. The researchers have suggested to use N-95 respirator masks to prevent the virus from getting into your lungs through breathing. Due to shortage of inventory production the N-95 masks have ran out of stock and a lot of people are left with no any protection gear. This mask is not exactly the N-95 respiratory mask. However it can help and work the same way as the N-95 mask because of its dust proof material and a respirator that will keep your breathing safe. Make sure to buy these before they run out of stock.

Features of the Anewoneson 2020 Reusable Dustproof

  • Made of Polyester and Cotton
  • Advanced Respirator device to keep breathing safe
  • Dust Proof
  • Reusable
  • Washable
  • Microfilters to prevent bacteria and viruses from entering nostrils.

Protective Isolation Face Shield

Protective Isolation Face Shield

For people who go near infected coronavirus patients intentionally or intentionally as well. These face shields will be highly protective gear against the infection because coronavirus spreads through humid air and due to its mass it settles down. If an infected person sneezes the doplets of the sneeze will be block by this face shield instead of landing on your face or entering your nostrils. Make sure to get some for you and your family to ensure safety in these hard times. These face shields have been studied to work better when used with the face mask.

Features of the Protective Isolation Face Shield

  • Size:330*220mm/13*8.7in
  • Can be cleaned by wiping
  • Dust proof
  • Comfortable
  • Highly Protective

Organic Hand Sanitizer

Organic Hand Sanitizer

You might not know exactly when and how you come in physical contact with infected people. So it is always a best idea to wash your hands whenever you come home and remember not to touch others as well as your own your face, mouth, nose or eyes after coming home if you haven’t washed your hands. Even if you’re outside keep a hand sanitizer with you so your safety can be made more effective. Remember to frequently use a hand sanitizer. The HollyBeth Hand sanitizer is a good one hand sanitizer as most of hand sanitizer companies have ran out of stock. Make sure to buy these and stock a bunch of them to ensure your protection.

Features of HollyBeth Organic Hand Sanitizer

  • Anti Bacterial
  • Organic Ingredients
  • Lavender, Citrus & Peppermint

Air Purifier

Air Purifier

An Air Purifier is one of the most useful products if you are in a region where coronavirus is spreading quick. Make sure to get one and put in your room or lounge to ensure the quality of the air. The filter and air purifying systems in this air purifier are the best when it comes to remove coronavirus particles from the air. So that you and your family can stay safe and breathe freely. Not only coronavirus this air purifier will keep you safe from a lot different kinds of viruses and bacterias. Make sure to get one for your room.

Features of Winix 5500 Air Purifier

  • True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne pollutants
  • Washable AOC Carbon Filter,
  • Suitable for medium and large rooms

Disposable Chemical Resistant Coverall with Hood

Disposable Chemical Coverall Suit

Only consider buying this chemical resistant and protection suit if you are having to go near a coronavirus patient intentionally. Not a compulsion but can be very useful if you cannot do remote work and need to be physically present. Make sure to have one on to prevent virus landing on your clothes.

Features of DuPont Tychem 2000 QC127S Disposable Chemical Resistant Coverall

  • Lightweight, and durable fabric
  • Polyethylene coating
  • Multiple interlocking threads are sewn around the raw edges
  • Attached hood with elastic around face opening
  • Disposable
  • Highly Protective
  • Available in different sizes

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